How to draw precisely in Alias

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I would like to thank Kevin for making time to answer this particular set of questions.

kind regards

graham bullock

Dear Learning Alias,

As I am new to alias design, I want to ask you 3 questions, and I would be thankful if you answer me:

1- How can we draw precisely in Alias design, like parametric software (Solidworks etc.)?
2- How can we give thickness to surfaces and make them solid?
3- How can we use the output of Alias design for technical drawing?

Thanks in advance


Hi Farshid,

Graham has asked me to make time to answer your questions.

As for your first question, how to draw precisely in Alias, is a really good question. I had the same question when I started out. The thing is, there actually aren’t that many “dimensions” on a car body. Nor are there that many prismatic shapes (i.e. planar, cylindrical, etc…) because every shape blends into the other, they all have subtle influence where one shape stops and another begins. Even if it looks almost like an analytical form at times! To describe that shape, is freeform. And we use nurbs surfaces to do that, defined by control vertices. That’s it, no more.

Now, there is something that may help you out, if you go to Window > Palette and open up the Curves tab then use the “kptbx” tool. It opens the Keypoint Curves box which allows you to draw analytic shapes, if you draw for example a line you can select it like any curve and go to Windows > Information > Information Window, open up the Attributes and you can key in a numeric value. Now there is no constraint solver in Alias, like in SolidWorks you can make lines parallel to each other or tangent etc… but you can use the Align tool for this, it’s under the Object Edit tab in the Palette.

Your second question is one of thickness, this is more complicated than one would think. Usually thickness is given when the data is passed over from Alias to the solid modeling tool (CATIA or NX) you can give a thickness in Alias by using in the palette Object Edit > Offset but why this is not preferred is that this does not create a true offset surface. It’s just another surface with control vertices, no more. And it merely simulates being offset. In the solid modeling tool it is a procedural surface explicitly defined mathematically as offset. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s a pretty big deal! I do think Alias handles an offset differently if you stitch your model first using Surface Edit > Stitch. But it’ll never be quite like a solid modeler can crank out offset geometry.

Thirdly, Alias does not have a drafting environment as you would know it from SolidWorks. Typically the Alias data would be transferred over to the solid modeling engineering tool and the drawings are made on that system. During the past decade it’s become pretty popular to annotate the 3D model directly in the solid modeling system with 3D PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) with dimensions, text, surface finishes, geometric datums and modifiers all as per ASME Y14.41-2003, you should definitely look that standard up on Google! it’s, pretty cool.

In the end it will require practice but things will start to make sense as you go through.

Kind regards,

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