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Have you ever heard of the terms parametric and geometric continuity?

Perhaps even used them interchangeably?

Whilst they are similar concepts, there is a difference. and I will show you that difference.

Take this door mirror,

The two surfaces with the darker yellow shade are overbuilt and trimmed back and fillet (blend) surfaces eat away even more of it. notice the boundary locator is green at curvature continuity (C symbol) which indicates we have G2 geometric continuity. this is what we care about most of the time. Now notice the cv’s (the red X’s) and you will see there is a kink at the join, the way the cv’s of two surfaces line up with each-other is called parametric continuity and here we have only C0 parametric continuity or position.

This is something that can be analyzed and discussed

Is this ok?

is it desirable? does it mean the surface structure (cv distribution) is too strained? this is up to the modeler to decide depending on every situation?

Just know the difference; that it exists and what it is.

Happy modeling!

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