Autocad to Alias Automotive – Kilimanjaro to Everest – My Personal Journey by Benzy

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From 2D world to a totally new 3D Automotive World !

About me

Salam, Hallo and Hello everyone, My Name is Benzy (Mohammad Hussein), I am from U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates).

I would like to share the important thing about me related to Alias (The Awesome Autodesk® Software) with you.

I work in an American Road & Bridges Consultant Company as a Senior CAD Technician using Autodesk AutoCAD and Microstation,  and my work is totally 2D, annotating drawings, shading them, drafting the Engineers sketches to AutoCAD.

I am honestly in love with Cars since i was 16

and especially German cars and some British cars, i tried sketches some cars with pencils when i was young BUT no one pointed me to the right direction, so i just sketch whenever i feel like, and honestly the sketches were terrible because i didn’t have any basics in sketching.

And one day i was surfing on Autodesk’s website, and found Alias! and honestly my heart got a shock when i say a picture of an interior of a S-Class 2010 Mercedes Benz! i couldn’t believe this was designed !

So i contacted the nearest Authorized Autodesk training center that i already took a 3DS MAX 2010 course; asking them guys i want to learn alias, and the answer was another shock to me as they said; Sorry Sir, it’s not Available in the whole GULF area !!

I was really sad, then i just went to Google and type learning alias !

and i found this site and Graham’s Training site! and wow, i had hope again.

But i thought that it’s not possible because i didn’t attend any ART college or do a Transport Design degree, but the surprise was, IT IS POSSIBLE !

I contacted Graham with an email, and i told him my situation, my background on 3DS MAX, and i told him about my passion to cars, and i received an email very shortly, with a very generous and optimistic way that made me feel so comfortable and i did apply for 2nd Course!

I was advised to start the tutorials in Alias Help as i was a beginner, and if i had any problem i should email him, so i did, BUT, i figured i needed to email him more than 2 times a month !

So I applied for the 3rd Private Course, which is more deep and easy to contact and get fast reply, as he is a busy guy and i am not his only student, and he has a limited of 5 students at anyone time.

So i was lucky to get in, and he took into account my Autocad and 3DS MAX experience and later told me it was also my tremendous passion for cars, that made him decide to take me as a One to One student. Then we started with Alias Automotive.

My progress is going so well now, like never before, because when i was working without a trainer, it could take me 2 hours to figure a shortcut that he gives me in a simple email or video !

So definitely a teacher is a must!

Here i share some Pictures about how i started and how i am now, and don’t forget i am still a beginner and i still need time to become professional, but i liked to share what i am into right now so that beginners should know NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

I will give a brief explanation on each image right under it.


This image is in AutoCAD, while i was working as subcontract to one of the Australian Companies that creates Traffic Manuals, and that’s it, 2D, boring, no creativity, just applying measurements, and required details from the client.


This Image is an advanced road and parking design for a police station in my country, and no matter how advanced, still it’s not that big deal, that’s why i wanted to switch to 3D, and not any 3D.



Those 2 images was done by drafting the Engineers design and then importing them to 3DS MAX to 3D them, but still that’s nothing !


This image was a testing of materials and lighting, so I might use this program for rendering, but to make surfaces it’s definitely Alias.


This was one of my attempt to create a Computer mouse, Don’t forget i am a beginner, but from a beginner’s view, that is somthing and alot from AutoCAD moving to Alias !

These are my first Alias BEFORE I SIGNED-ON WITH Graham Bullock,

but these heavy NURBS surfaces have nothing to do with the professional level Alias I am now learning under Graham’s guidance. He has told me I need 18 months to reach entry level, if I put in 4 hours per day and I know that he has never had a single One to One student fail to get an Alias Automotive Entry job. JHe has introdeuced me to ex students, now working at Lotus Cars, Ferrari, GM and Volvo.

This is where my One to One training with Graham Bullock starts !!

This was like nothing i heard before, and you will learn this when you subscribe to be a private student,

to learn Mesh to NURBS!, and you will know that it’s totally a new 3D professionally world, but you can’t get to it alone without a professional Teacher!

I couldn’t have done any of the above geometery and reach industry tolerance without the help of Graham. He is so patient, so don’t think  he will give up on teaching you, (Remember that i didn’t attend any ART college).

All you have to do if you are really serious into getting to the Automotive world, is to subscribe and work hard, and you will reach Industry Entry level in time and be good enough to get a  job.

And believe me, if you love car designing you would be so happy to work with Alias to design complex surfaces 🙂

Good luck, and i hope for the beginner who is reading me to understand that it’s a total different feeling to move from a boring 2D space to a complete lovely awesome interesting challenging 3D space, and related to something you love which is Cars 🙂


Learning Alias News: Big Discounts on Courses

Special Winter Discount Package

Courses in order of cost:

“Course #1”.

6 Months website access to all video tutorials, 167 Euros (228 USD equivalent Nov.2011)

الكورس الأول

لمدة ٦ اشهر إمكانية الوصول للموقع لمشاهدة جميع المواد التعليمية بمبلغ ١٦٧ يورو ( ٢٢٨ دولار أمريكي معادل نوفمبر ٢٠١١

“Course #2”.

Economy Private Tuition Package 100 Euros (135 USD equivalent Nov.2011) per month. You get your .wire reviewed by me every 15 days and you will receive : feedback, instruction, tips and advice from me personally. Access to all videos including my ” Private Student Training Videos”

الكورس الثانى

الحزمة الإقتصادية للدروس الخصوصية ١٠٠ يورو فى الشهر، سوف يراجع ملفك كل ١٥ يوم مع التعليقات والتصليحات والنصائح منى شخصيا، والوصول لجميع ملفات الفيديو بما في ذلك ,,الفيديوهات الخاصة,,

“Course #3”.

Fast Track Full Pro. “One to One” Course with weekly reviews and coaching 250 Euros (USD. 339 approx. Nov. 2011) per month. One to One Private tuition. You will receive specific geometry and meshes and modeling from me personally where required, to help you to complete your exteriors quickly to an Industry entry level standard. This means a bigger investment, but once in an Alias modeling job you will get back what you invested many times over and be able to work anywhere in the world

الكورس الثالث

المسار الكامل للمحترفين، ,,واحد إلى واحد,, مع استعراض لملفات الطلبة اسبوعيا وذلك بمبلغ ٢٥٠ يورو شهريا. فى هذا الكورس سوف تستلم ملفات من المدرس إذا اضطر الأمر لستهيل استكمال الواجبات الخاصة بالأصطح لمستوى قياسى المصانع. هذا يعني استثمارات اكبر، ولكن مرة واحدة في وظيفة النمذجة الاسم المستعار سوف نعود ما كنت استثمرت عدة مرات وتكون قادرة على العمل في أي مكان في العالم..

For more info,

Just register on my website and I’ll send you all the details


If you are in the USA, just register and login, then go to Profile and you can pay your subscription with your US credit card. Absolutely no extra charges for currency conversion.


Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

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