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This is a component which was set as an interview test for one of my students.

He is know working for a Major OEM.


It may look simple, but there is nothing easy about surfacing this type of complex volume.

Where to Start?

Always start with a Y=0. curve-set, which has G3 crv. crvtr. and then from the Sectioned crvs. project draft srfs. in the +Y direction.

Spheroid in Shape

Analyse the nature of the form and you will realize , that it is basically a Non-Prop. Scaled sphere, which merges into a cylindrical base. I know that to avoid any triangular patches I need a Cap-Surface, which will give me a true surface to run my Blend crvs. from.

Once I have the Cap-Srf, I then trim it to the shape I need in F5, then I mold a Planar Srf. 5,5,1,1, to exactly fit it. this gives me my first surface, which is also Bezier.-

This view shows a student’s work

but whilst it’s a great concept model, only 2 of the 7 srfs. are Bezier, so if your end-user wants A Class srfs. there is loads of work to be done, to get it from what is shown here to Bezier.

Below are 2 shots of my own Bezier model

This would be made with Nurbs srfs. in Industry.

It might start life as a clay model and then be developed between the Hard Modeler in plastic and the Alias modeler. The designer would want to make changes until He/She got the shape and the highlights exactly as required. I modeled an Audi door mirror for a Czech. Republican designer and he asked for it to be modified 30 times before it met both Design and Engineering criteria

Highlights are looking really nice

but there is still work to be done on the nose, where as you can see the HL’s are not perfect. A prototype or a Styling model would be made and the faults removed by a highly skilled Hard Modeler, then the Alias modeler would be fed back the scan data.

Of course this component would be finished in hard wood

or leather and not as I’m showing it in Car Paint or Chrome, which really shows up all the faults

Students following my Alias training course, learn all this workflow from my unique video tutorials.

Hallo all Alias students,

OK. I will show you my points. I have been making 9 surfaces on the LHS. of the model and they are all Bezier.

I am modeling this in single span, so that I’m really learning how to control Bezier srfs, to the extent that I can get them to comply to any shape with Catia V.5 tolerances. It has taken me a long time to get this right and Graham is helping very much, with videos and tips. I think in a Design facility, this would be made from the scan coming from a hard plastic model perhaps and being made B4 that in clay and my job will be to make a Nurbs model of it , which is also incorporating the Designers changes.

Finally : I have learned so much about how is making precise Bezier srfs. to CV5. and I am now much more confident about taking on any Automotive surfacing challenge. B4 signing-up with Graham, I never had any clue about working to this high level in Alias

Enjoy your Alias.


Karen Mayer (Advanced student


Hi, I am Kevin De Smet

Here’s my model of the same gear knob. What makes this shape interesting for study, is to model it all bézier and make it 1. smooth and 2. closed, I have found an even better understanding of how control vertices influence the tension of a patch. In the middle it is also easy to be lazy and make an “S” shaped surface, but as best practice dictates, it was a nightmare to control! Finally, the zebra plot I think gets a lot of discredit sometimes just because it is so liked by beginning modelers but I disagree as it shows the flow (remember: i said flow, not highlights) and strakness of the surface quite well, together with double horizon and visual curves for highlight analysis I get a lot of feedback on the quality of the surfaces.

In industry I would model this as 6 nurbs surfaces, and considering it will probably be covered with cloth, there is no need to bring it to this high of a level in a production environment where time = money.



Kevin De Smet (Advanced student

Students often ask me if Interiors are easier than Exterior to Model

Well you dont have to worry about getting good highlights on large surface-sets, but on the other hand, you do have to work on forms that are more difficult to conceptualize + you have to be very good at building complex fillets quickly. I don’t think one is easier than the other.

Q) Once you have committed to be either an Iterior or Exterior digital Sculptor, aren’t you stuck in that discipline forever?

Ans) No not at all Exterior Modelers are often given Interior projects and Interior modelers, as long as they have built a few Exteriors (At Uni or by practicing at home ), can make the change to Exterior work

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Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

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