Advanced Modeling and Surfacing Techniques

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If you don’t know the theory, you can’t perform the practice!

A great Alias presentation from a few years back is generating a bit of a buzz around the internet again these days, and it is completely justified. It’s called Advanced Modeling and is presented by Uwe Rossbacher.

It will take you through the history of nurbs, patch layout, beziér geometry, nurbs geometry, continuity, critical analysis of surfaces and much much more!

Info. on Courses:

“Course #1”.

6 Months website access to all website based video tutorials, 167 Euros (200 USD equivalent Nov.2011)

“Course #2”.

167 Euros (200 USD equivalent Nov.2011) per month. You get your .wire reviewed by me every 15 days and you will receive : feedback, instruction, tips and advice from me personally. Access to all videos including my ” Private Student Training Videos”. You will build at least 3 complete automotive exteriors. The course also includes an intensive Reverse Engineering section, which required by most employers.

“Course #3”.

Fast Track Full Pro. “One to One” Course with weekly reviews and coaching 250 Euros (USD. 300 approx. Nov. 2011) per month. One to One Private tuition. You will receive specific geometry and meshes and modeling from me personally where required, to help you to complete your exteriors quickly to an Industry entry level standard. This means a bigger investment, but once in an Alias modeling job you will get back what you invested many times over and be able to work anywhere in the world

For more info,

Just register on my website and I’ll send you all the details


If you are in the USA, just register and login, then go to Profile and you can pay your subscription with your US credit card. Absolutely no extra charges for currency conversion.


Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

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  1. Haris says:

    Thanks Graham, I really enjoyed this presentation. It gives a complete overview of Class-A modelling for that essential need to know background knowledge.

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