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In my office with the original drawings of the 2005
Audi A6. Presented to me by Satoshi Wada Expert Designer
Audi AG. for 14 years. He has now set-up his own
design company in Tokyo, SWDesignSW Tokyo

It’s all good news !

Entry Level Alias Automotive Digital Modelers are currently earning 25-35 Euros per hour ( 40 USD. approx. OCT 2017)  and with 2 to 3  years experience can earn up to 55 Euros (60 USD. approx.OCT 2017) with Designer Modellers earning even more

So if you want to accelerate your progress to Ind. Entry level, why not sign-up for one of our Pro. Modelling courses now?

To Learn Alias Automotive to Industry Entry level has been made easier.

For student’s who have the objective of finding a CAD job in the near future, I still teach One to One students and all of these students get Automotive Modeling or Design/Modeling jobs, so it’s a great investment to make. The hourly rate is very high and there are vacancies in UK. France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, USA, Brazil etc. I can only take a maximum of 5-7 students at any one time. I teach all levels right up to Post Graduates. I have never had a Private student fail to get an Alias Automotive job (Companies include Ferrari, GM, Lotus, Opel, Audi Seat etc. ). If you wish to apply for a place, please email me with all your details.
Why not visit my website and take a look for your self?
Over 100 videos on many, many aspects of Learning Pro. Alias
I show you how to build a Complete Audi A5 Sportback (ext.) . Over 50 Videos on that alone !

Info. on Courses:

“Course #1”.

6 Months website access to all website based video tutorials, 167 Euros (190 USD equivalent OCT 2017)

“Course #2”.

167 Euros (190USD equivalent OCT 2017) per month. You get your .wire reviewed by me every 15 days and you will receive : feedback, instruction, tips and advice from me personally. Access to all videos including my ” Private Student Training Videos”. You will build at least 3 complete automotive exteriors. The course also includes an intensive Reverse Engineering module, which required by most employers.

“#3 Full Pro. “Elite” Course”.

Fast Track Full Pro. “One to One” Course with weekly reviews and coaching 200 Euros (USD. 230 approx. OCT. 2017) per month. One to One Private tuition. You will receive specific geometry and meshes and modeling from me personally where required, to help you to complete your exteriors quickly to an Industry entry level standard. This means a bigger investment, but once in an Alias modeling job you will get back what you invested many times over and be able to work anywhere in the world

NB: Typically students pay 50% of the cost of the “Elite” course by monthly installments settling the balance over time,  once they have an Alias Automotive contract.

For more info,

Just register on my website and I’ll send you all the details


If you are in the USA, just register and login, then go to Profile and you can pay your subscription with your US credit card. Absolutely no extra charges for currency conversion.


Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

Go to Learning Alias


Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Des.Tech.

(If you don’t have formal training, but are talented and focused, you can still apply)

ALL  my “Elite” students achieve Automotive Alias jobs.

I once worked as an Automotive Clay Modeller and I received a lot of help from very kind people. I am referring to certain individual colleagues, who were older an a lot wiser than me and had the generosity of spirit to use their very considerable knowledge, to help the next generation of modellers, to learn those advanced modeling techniques that the majority simply don’t chose to share.
I went on to become a Freelance Modeller and build the first clay model for Satoshi Wada’s 2005 Audi A6 at Audi AG. and the very successful Citroen Berlingo replacement with Sam Brown under Gilles Vidal at Citroen, Paris. I also built the Lamborghini Murcielago wind tunnel model in 2000 at Udelhofen Design.
Whilst at Audi I became hooked on Autodesk Alias Studio and was given a lot of help to progress with it by one of Audi’s Senior Designers. I achieved success because I was totally committed and because I had people who were prepared to help me. I had good teachers. I believe in giving back and I do so to people who can demonstrate their total commitment to becoming competent Autodesk Alias Studio Modellers.
Students continue to contact me for help in finding Modelling Solutions during their first year in an Industrial Design Studio situation. I offer a unique affordable path for REALLY committed Autodesk Alias students to progress rapidly to becoming Industrially competent CAD modellers.
Q. Will your course really get me to Alias Modeller Industry Entry Level?
A. Yes! Definitely, if you work hard and have some talent for CAD modelling. I have students who are now working in top companies, such as; Audi, GM, Lotus, Ferrari, Ford, Fiat, Volvo, Nissan etc.
Q.What will I build on the course?
A. Whether you pay the basic fee to access my 300+ unique video library (fee includes regular reviews and feedback) or you become one of my small group of “Elite” One on One” students, you will be able to build everything you need to have a great portfolio i.e.
Audi A5 Sportback (Curves & Patch Method), my own Virrage Concept car (Overbuild Method)+ many other smaller high quality models. Some students build a 3rd. exterior of their own choice, such as a Lamborghini. “Elite” students also build the 2012 A5 Sportback face-lift and if they wish the Maserati Quattroporte
Q. Will I learn any Reverse Engineering of Mesh to NURBS?

A. Yes! LearninAlias has an in depth Reverse Engineering Module, which will teach you Mesh to NURBS starting with a simple mesh used by a major OEM for testing candidates at interview, right thru to Bezier Surfacing of advanced level polygonal meshes

Q. How does the course work?
A. You receive the Starter Wire and build the model by following my very detailed videos. You send me your wire for review on a regular basis. I supply meshes and sample surfaces where necessary and give notes, comments, tips and advice.
Q. Do you hold back on any top Industrial modelling Work Flows?
A. No! Students who stay on the course and show genuine passion and commitment, get to learn everything I know about Alias Modelling.
Q. If I invest money in your course, how long will it take to recover my outlay?
A. Most students recover their total outlay with their first monthly pay check.
Q. What will I earn at Alias Automotive entry level?
A. Most of my students start on around 6,097USD/5,250 Eur. per month (OCT. 2017).
Q. How long to become competent?
A. Depends where you start from. The important thing is to prepare yourself thoroughly, say 12-18 months of hard work to get to Entry level, although I have had students who’ve brought a lot of experience to the table, do it in 9 months

( Just like in any profession, you carry on learning once you start an Alias job)

Q. You are an Alias Consultant/Modeller/Mentor; how do you find time for students.
A. I have retired from contract modeling. I work late most nights.

Q. Are there any discounts for students in full-time education

A. Yes! I need to see Proof of Enrolment and the discount is up to 35% on Course#2 .Price on application. On the Elite course the discount is up to 35% and students may defer 50% of their fees until they have an Alias Automotive contract. There are BIG discounts for students in emerging economies.
Q. Do you work on Sundays.
A. I have a family and I quite fancy staying married.

I only have time to take on a few students at any one time, but if you are interested in finding out more, just email me at:


and I will get back to you by email with details.

Kind regards to all my readers and all the other Autodesk Alias Studio fans out there.

Graham Bullock B.Ed.(CNAA)Design Tech.

“Alias Automotive Online Courses”

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8 Responses to About The Author

  1. Christopher Kvilums says:


    I would like to contact Graham on the opportunity he mentions, to become a competant industrial designer on alias. I want to contact him so he can give me more information on his proposal.

    My contact details are as follows

    I look forward to hearing from you!



  2. Roberto Martinez says:

    Hi, I’m an industrial designer and I work mainly with Autodesk products (Inventor, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Maya and Showcase) and I like to learn to design surfaces and concept cars with (automotive 2011 x64 Alias), I have the software installed and I have the tutorial “Learning Design with Alias Studio Tools “but this is totally new for me and I always could use some advice, especially i want to know if there are more online tutorials to get started with a good base because they are very hard to find or nonexistent, thanks in advance .

  3. varun says:

    i am Mechanical Engineer and intrested in Cars. I’m working in Catia v5. i just wanted to know Alias is good or 3ds Max…Which one do you suggest me.So can you help me.

  4. Vladimir Kramin says:

    Dear Graham,

    I want to thank you for your work. Your articles are very important to me and I look forward to you new articles.

    With kind regards
    Vladimir Kramin

  5. Hi,

    Alias is without any doubt the leader in the Transport Design Industry



  6. Hi,

    I will be launching my new website soon: http://www.learningalias.co.uk This site will have many videos demonstrating Automotive modeling tech.


  7. Karrick says:

    Hi Graham,

    It’s a great honor for me to see that you shared
    my work with other students
    My Alias modeling skills have improved beyond recognition, which resulted in
    My Audi A5 concept model turning out so well
    I am happy that I have learned so much and continue to learn a
    lot, from your One on One class it’s well worth the layout of 230$ per month.
    Also I would like to let other students know that I have been getting offers through my gallery on http://www.learningalias.co.uk from various companies.
    but I am not ready to take on a position yet, as I want to sharpen my skill more
    Before getting in to the right job.
    I also would like to thank you for showing me all the professional work flows needed to make the Audi A5 Sportback concept model.
    I am now really looking forward to learning to make your Virrage concept car with the Overbuild modeling method and if there is time left
    I really want also to learn to surface a complete exterior from a Mesh.


  8. Benzy says:

    Dear Teacher Mr. Graham
    Dear all

    I am an architect, but my deep passion is Automobiles . All my experience has been 2d AutoCAD and a little 3DS MAX, so when I signed-up with Alias Trainer Graham Bullock B.Ed.Des.Tech, i didn’t know anything about Alias !
    And now i know about alias (Still an improver), I am a One to One Student with Graham, and he is a very good patient teacher with lovely soul that once you talk to him, you just wanna sprint back to your computer and start playing with Alias,

    He does give me alot of tips on modelling that might take me years to figure it out..
    So for sure if you guys want to really progress in Alias, and get an Alias job, you need a Trainer to from Zero to Hero

    I pay a modest monthly fee, with an agreement to pay the balance once I have an Automotive Alias entry level job. He believes in his students so much that he trusts us like this

    Good Luck all,,


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